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String Theory… by Damien
April 24, 2007, 9:50 pm
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NBC Released the new Graphic Novel called “String Theory” and its very interesting and I shall tell you why because it features someone who we don’t think should be the bomb is and Claire is missing the top of her head…

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Popgurls Interview Bryan Fuller… by Damien

Bryan FullerPopgurls recently got a chance to sit down with Bryan Fuller to talk about Heroes…

You said that you learned a lot from working with Tim Minear. Is there anything specific that you came across that you brought to Heroes?

Oh, absolutely. One of the things that we did later in the season on Wonderfalls is a lot of gang-banging, where everybody had their hands on the script. Usually, on a writing staff, you gang-bang a script as a last resort — and they always turn out pretty good. Everybody has a hand in it, so everybody has a motivation to do their best and they’re invested in each episode. On Wonderfalls, in the last half of the season when we were getting behind with the scripts, it was like ‘all hands on deck.’ It really was a fantastic writing experience because everybody gets to participate in every individual script and there’s no [competition], ‘well, this is my script and it has to be better than the other scripts.’ Because every script is everybody’s script.

I wouldn’t say it was my idea to bring it to Heroes – several people had the same idea, in terms of gang-banging all the scripts and breaking the stories out in terms of characters and assigning different writers different characters and compiling them with the writer of record to do the polish and all the notes. Heroes really lent itself to that style of writing, and the quality of writers on was such that we all could roll up our sleeves and get into every script. Everybody was invested in every episode, and everybody sort of had ownership of every episode. I’m not saying it came from Wonderfalls – it’s not an original idea – but I felt very comfortable because we had done it with success on Wonderfalls.

How did you split up the characters on Heroes?

Initially, [Adam] Armus and [Nora Kay] Foster were doing Hiro’s stories. I did a lot of the Claire stuff in the first half of the season. Jeph Loeb and Natalie Chaidez did a lot of the Niki/Jessica stories. When we broke up the characters – we broke them up initially, and then the writer of record would do their pass and smooth everything out and make it feel like it was one cohesive script as opposed to six different scripts cobbled together.

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Party On!!!… by Damien

Thanks to the Person who emailed me these amazing pictures from the Season 1 Wrap Party of Heroes which are in HQ and that party looked amazing with Greg on the Drums, Hayden receiving an Award and someone from Wysteria Lane singing its one packed night for the Heroes…


Jeff Loeb Talks Heroes… by Damien
March 22, 2007, 12:35 pm
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Jeph Loeb
in association with Newsarama recently sat down with Jeff Loeb to talk Heroes on a podcast and its a good listen, of course Jeph Loeb is a writer on the show so he had some tidbits to reveal those are below along with the link to the podcast…

  • the looming writers’ strike (so they’ll finish making season 1 in April and start making season 2 this May)
  • the genesis of the show and his involvement
  • the nearly all-star staff
  • the writing process (characters/scenes vs. episodes)
  • Greg Grunberg/Zach Quinto/Hayden Panettiere’s talent
  • Jack Coleman on Dynasty
  • Tim Kring’s leadership style:
  • lack of standard mass-firings of writers at end of season 1
  • let people do what they’re good at
  • sharing credit
  • crew members’ love of the stories
  • pacing of secrets
  • Heroes’ message/appeal

LISTEN to the Podcast and about 34:08 is the Heroes Part!!!

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