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Nathan Gonna Die?… by Damien
May 1, 2007, 3:27 am
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The Latest Watch with Kristin is very interesting indeed….

Phil in Toronto: Heroes! I need more info on Heroes!
Tonight is the alternate-universe episode, in which we see how everything could go horribly wrong if our team doesn’t save the world in time. Greg Grunberg tells me the ep (in which we learn he’s the Homeland Security Director of the future!) is “really scary” and we see his son has powers of his own. Clearly, there is a big ol’ genetic link between the Heroes and their parents. I can’t wait for the retro ep telling us how all the parents got their powers, which is surely coming.

Anna: What do you know about the second-season storyline for the Petrelli brothers (Nathan and Peter)? I really like both of them, and I hope they’ll stay around.
Nathan’s fate and future is in question come season’s end. I asked Rena Sofer (Heidi Petrelli) if she’d be back, and she nodded in the direction of her onscreen hubby and said, “If he’s back, I’ll be back.” And when I asked Adrian Pasdar himself if we might get a glimpse of Nathan’s two sons by Heidi in season two, he told me, “Um, what can I tell you? There’s a little bit of perhaps a separation between my ability to see them and, uh…I can’t really say too much.” (Uh, if you know what this means, you may be a Hero yourself.)

Jana in Phoenix: Give us a good spoiler on Heroes! None of this watered-down stuff!
Okay, here’s a straight-up shot that you might need to chase with a lemon: Linderman is going to heal Nathan’s wife (Rena Sofer in a wheelchair)! See, he can do good.

Will Peter Join Forces With Nathan?… by Damien
April 19, 2007, 11:38 am
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Heroes BrothersFangasm recently posted a post that pointed out that Nathan could indeed have his brother Peter join him in his political ambitions…

The lingering question since Linderman dangled the White House under Nathan’s nose is: will he join him? Face it, Nathan was willing to risk his entire future in politics by taking out Linderman in cold blood. So it would seem, at least, that there is no chance that Nathan is going to buy into Linderman’s plan of genocide. Or is there? We have exclusive information on what Nathan’s choice will be and why! Prepare for the mind blowing reality.

First of all, let me assure you that this information is grade a certified, comes from someone within the established entertainment media, and is 100% super duper true. Of course, if you’re like me it’s going to seem so obvious you’ll be saying “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

Nathan is going to at the very least play along that he is with Linderman for the simple reason that Linderman is going to heal Nathan’s wife. That’s right, it was in front of us all along. Forget the power of the White House, and Linderman’s other overtures of greatness, in the end the deal sealer is going to be the opportunity to erase the eternal reminder of Nathan’s secret shame: that his cowardly self preserving instincts lead to the paralysis of his wife.

Does this mean that in the episodes which take place five years in the future that Nathan is a ‘bad guy’? Tim Kring did promise that there would be heroes changing sides. If I had to place money, it would have been on Nathan anyways. He has the perfect personality for a super villain, the discovery of his abilities was in a moment that shattered his life, hence a complex underlying psychology that could make him easily manipulated by someone who knows how to prod a wound. At the same time, we would know that he has a latent goodness within him so his potential to come back to the light at the right moment would make good dramatic fodder for a rainy day.

3 Awesome Sneak Peeks… by Damien


.07% Promos… by Damien
April 3, 2007, 2:12 am
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 Nathan and Linderman

Use Your Ability has aqquired some High Quality shots from this upcoming episode so enjoy them…click the thumbnails below to access them…

Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo Heroes - .07% Promo

Your Father Never Died… by Damien
March 20, 2007, 9:59 am
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Petrelli Brothers

I was having a look at Kristins Blog over at E! and saw there was a couple of Questions that stood out more specifically on page 4…

Martha in Chula Vista, California: My wacky Heroes theory is that Mama Petrelli can see the future! That’s how she knows about Claire and hooked up with the Haitian, and how Peter got that vision of himself going boom. Your thoughts?

Who wants my thoughts when you could have Adrian Pasdar’s thoughts?! He says about Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), “She has a big part to play in my life and Peter’s life and Claire’s life…And [the question of] how [my father] died is something that gets answered in 22. It wasn’t Sylar, but it’s not what we were told. He turns out to be somebody we don’t expect.” Ahhh! Why does every little snippet about this show get me so excited? (Especially when Adrian is talking?)

What could that mean then?!?…who is Nathans/Peters father….is it a Hero we have seen or is it someone really special…like Linderman!!!…

Here is the other question…

Martina in Vincennes, Indiana: Do you know anything about this time travel business on Heroes?

I have no idea about Heroes, so I’ll let Adrian lay down—er, lay it down—for you: “There’s an episode (called ‘String Theory’) that happens five years in the future, and it’s a possible outcome of what situations now might dictate in the future. It’s not a definite, finite reality, but it’s a possibility.