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The-Owi Interviews Ted… by Damien
March 31, 2007, 10:42 am
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Ted Sprague

I read a good interview that a Heroes Fansite did with Matthew John Armstrong aka Ted Sprague…

When did you start acting/begin your acting career?

I had my first paying acting job in the Summer of 1995. I went to junior college in Glen Ellyn which is 40
minutes west of Chicago, they had a 4-5 play season. I played there professionally first year with the
residence theater. Then a couple of plays with Shakespeare Rep, which has since become the Chicago
Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier. Then took part in the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada. In
1998 I got my first TV job and played at Steppenwolf. That was a good year, I did the pilot of the show,
then the play and then went back and did the 13 episodes for the show. That was the last play I did.

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