Use Your Ability To Inform Others…

Dream On… by Damien

Woah this piece of scoopage from Ausiello is awesome!!!…

Question: If you tell me that the following statement is right, then I’ll hire another bodyguard to protect my Ausiello ice-cream scoop: Peter gets his premonition dreams in Heroes from his mother. Am I right?— Alexa

Ausiello: Damn you’re good. Er, I mean, no comment.

Mama Petrelli… by Damien
April 25, 2007, 1:42 pm
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Does Peter and Nathans mum have a power…well Michael Ausiello revealed that she may well indeed have a power and similar to someone else’s…

Question: Does Mama Petrelli on Heroes have a superpower?— Amanda

Ausiello: She certainly does. And it’s very similar to a power possessed by another hero, only in her case, it takes a lot less effort to get from Point A to Point B.