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Hayden at Victorias Secret… by Damien
November 17, 2007, 11:25 pm
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Hayden Panettiere

Never a dull moment when Hayden is around so as its a quiet weekend a good chance to catch up with some candids from what the Heroes have been doing, I just featured Hayden from Sci-Fi Expo in New York from 17th November here she is arriving at the Victorias Secret Show.

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Latest from Kristin… by Damien
April 17, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Ryan in Riverside, California: Do you know anything more about the Sylar episode of Heroes? He’s my favorite character.

You have excellent taste! And lucky for you, I ran into my friend Zachary Quinto at the T-Mobile Sidekick iD Launch Party on Friday night, and I asked him about the show’s visit to Sylar’s past. Zachary told me: “You get to see a whole other side of him in episode 21, which was such a joy for me to explore. You get to see a lot more about where he comes from and what drives him and what he’s fighting against in a lot of ways. I think he’s definitely misunderstood—he’s like a lost soul. And I got to work with the incomparable Ellen Greene—she might play my mom, but I’m not going to say that for sure…” (And then Fall Out Boy trampled us, but that’s a story for another time!)Thomas in Stockholm, Sweden: Heroes!

Hiro’s dad will return, and it turns out he also has a power. There are definitely strong genetic connections for all the Heroes.

Thanks to Spoiler-Tv for That 🙂

Sylars Doing T-Mobile… by Damien
April 16, 2007, 12:41 am
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Heres 2 awesome pictures of Zach Quinto at the T-Mobile Sidekick ID launch…