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Jeff Loeb Talks Heroes… by Damien
March 22, 2007, 12:35 pm
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Jeph Loeb
in association with Newsarama recently sat down with Jeff Loeb to talk Heroes on a podcast and its a good listen, of course Jeph Loeb is a writer on the show so he had some tidbits to reveal those are below along with the link to the podcast…

  • the looming writers’ strike (so they’ll finish making season 1 in April and start making season 2 this May)
  • the genesis of the show and his involvement
  • the nearly all-star staff
  • the writing process (characters/scenes vs. episodes)
  • Greg Grunberg/Zach Quinto/Hayden Panettiere’s talent
  • Jack Coleman on Dynasty
  • Tim Kring’s leadership style:
  • lack of standard mass-firings of writers at end of season 1
  • let people do what they’re good at
  • sharing credit
  • crew members’ love of the stories
  • pacing of secrets
  • Heroes’ message/appeal

LISTEN to the Podcast and about 34:08 is the Heroes Part!!!

(Thanks languageandhumor from 9thwonders)