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Whos Dead?!?… by Damien
December 4, 2007, 5:02 pm
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Kristin over at E! talks about last night…

Now you’ve seen it. Now you know. (And you shouldn’t read another word if you haven’t yet seen last night’s Heroes!)

Our beloved Adrian Pasdar (Nathan), Ali Larter (Niki) and David Anders (Adam) all appeared to be killed off of Heroes tonight, as they were shot, blown up and buried alive.

It reminds me of a line I just heard: “You show me a hero and I’ll show you a dead man.” And funny enough, that line actually was written by Mr. Adrian Pasdar himself, for his new play Atlanta, a Civil War-era musical which is now playing at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

Adrian co-wrote and directed Atlanta, and cast his good friend and old Heroes buddy Leonard Roberts (DL) as one of the leading men. (Yes, DL sings! And he’s good!) So I hit the theater of the weekend to chat about the play and ask the money Q: Is Nathan gone for good?

See for yourself what Adrian says in the clip above! Then keep on reading for the scoop on who’s really gone and who’s coming back, in the last Heroes ep we’ll see for a while…


Three Heroes Have Fallen; So Who Will Rise? We all know Claire’s blood can save the world and pretty much everyone in it, so who’ll get the cheerleader injection and come back to the show? Based on what I’m hearing from inside sources, here’s where I’d put my money…

Ali Larter: According to Heroes insiders, Niki is not expected to return to the show. But her devilish alter ego Jessica? Oh yeah, we’ll see her as soon as the show comes back to the beloved airwaves, when the strike is through! At least, that’s the current plan according to sources, who tell me producers had “done all they could do” with Niki. Micah is not gonna be happy.

David Anders: I’d bet my beloved, signed Hiro poster that Hiro’s sworn nemesis will return. (I’ve seen that ’90s flick The Vanishing and know that people can be dug up after being buried alive! Maybe we can even get Kiefer Sutherland to do it like he did fer Nancy Travis!) Sources tell me that the current plan is for Adam Monroe to be back to torment our favorite squinty teleporter, i.e. the “carp.”

Adrian Pasdar: I’ve heard the production and writing staff is somewhat split as to whether Nathan should return to the show when the show returns. Allow me to be the first to say WTF? Heroes without the brothers would be like Prison Break or Brothers & Sisters without the brothers: i.e., a waste of time! Surely Claire’s blood can save her own father, right?!

From reader Gerald: “How did Claire’s blood fix HRG’s glasses? Is there a Lenscrafters at Primatech?” Ha.

Peter’s powers (picked a peck of pickled peppers?) How great is Milo Ventimiglia mixing up electricity, radiation, telekinesis, teleportation and mind-reading? If Volume III: Villains is about Peter v. Sylar: SIGN ME UP!

Did anyone else sense a little Elle-Mohinder chemistry? Matt, don’t look now, but you might have some competition to be!

Instant post-ep spec on the Internet that HRG is the one who shot Nathan; as his side of his deal with the Company to protect Claire & Co.

What happens when Micah becomes a sad little kid with no parents and a lot of power?


Books? Knitting circles? Jenga? Sock-drawer reorganization?

As you may have heard, this is the last Heroes we’ll get until the bad thing (strike ends), so we’ll have to find some other way to bide our time!

You who live in Los Angeles can always go and visit two possibly dead guys (nooooo) over at Adrian and Leonard’s new musical, Atlanta.

[Kristin at E!]

Dancing With Stars Dented Heroes… by Damien
April 24, 2007, 10:02 pm
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It seems Heroes didn’t do as well as some would of hoped last night by not beating ABC or CBS in the running for the ratings…

Fast National ratings for Monday, April 23, 2007

ABC hoofed its way to another ratings win Monday, denting the ratings for NBC’s “Heroes” a little bit in the process.

For the night, ABC drew a 9.6 rating/15 share. CBS finished second at 7.7/12, with NBC in third at 6.3/10. FOX was fourth at 4.6/7. The CW, 1.7/3, brought up the rear.

The adults 18-49 race was considerably tighter, with ABC’s 4.1 rating edging NBC’s 3.9 and CBS’ 3.8 for the top spot. FOX averaged 2.8 and The CW 1.2.

“Dancing with the Stars” earned an 11.9/19 at 8 p.m., dominating the hour. NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” grabbed second with a 7.1/11. A “How I Met Your Mother” rerun and “Old Christine” put CBS in third. “Drive,” 2.9/5, came in fourth for FOX, topping “Everybody Hates Chris,” 1.9/3, and “All of Us,” 1.6/2, on The CW.

The conclusion of “Dancing,” 13.6/20, and “The Bachelor,” 7.4/11, kept ABC in the lead at 9 p.m. CBS moved up to second with “Two and a Half Men,” 7.9/12, and “The King of Queens,” 8.1/12. “Heroes” returned from hiatus with a 7.2/11 for NBC, down some from its season average (it led the hour in adults 18-49). FOX’s “24” scored a 6.3/10. The CW stayed stuck in fifth with “Girlfriends” and “The Game.”

At 10 p.m., CBS’ “CSI: Miami” easily won the hour with a 10.9/18. “The Bachelor” dipped to 6.4/11. The premiere of “The Real Wedding Crashers” posted a 4.5/7 for NBC.


.07% Review… by Damien
April 15, 2007, 4:08 pm
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Comic Book Resources just got to either watch the episode or know someone who has because they have posted a quite in depth review to the episode so to read it make the jump if not you can look forward to the episode…

Continue reading

Newest “.07%” Preview by Citizen
April 7, 2007, 6:56 pm
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Here is the latest preview for the upcoming episode:

More Beemans Questions… by Damien
March 27, 2007, 11:47 pm
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As the hiatus continues Greg Beeman will continue to answer fan questions on his blog so have a look at his latest post by clicking below and if you missed the other ones then click them as well and read them!!!

War Buddies Part 3… by Damien
March 27, 2007, 4:05 pm
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War Buddies

New Graphic Novel released which is the 3rd part of the ongoing story that is War Buddies


How To Get Your Fix… by Damien
March 21, 2007, 2:39 pm
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I was over at 9th Wonders and someone posted a great article about how to get your fix of Heroes when its on Hiatus which is right now people…

If you’ve discovered one of the hottest new shows on TV, you know how utterly addicting Heroes on NBC can be. Each episode is so exciting, it’s hard to wait for the next one – it’s almost as if Hiro has stretched time to make seven days feel like 70!

So what can a poor Heroes fan do while waiting for the next new episode to be aired? The obvious answer is to watch the episodes you’ve taped or saved to Tivo ™. But if you have access to the internet, there’s an entire world of Heroes video clips, fan information, cast and crew interviews, graphic novels and more. It will take you days, if not weeks, to work your way through all the sites, and if you have DSL or other broadband service, you can even watch entire episodes without any commercials.

Read More…

Its a good read so make sure you check it out!!!