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Joe Tolerico Interview by Rob
January 20, 2008, 5:47 pm
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Ryan over at Heroes Wiki recently conducted an interview with Joe Tolerico, a senior producer at NBC, who is in charge of the Heroes Evolutions content.

He talks about the media used, internet based content such as Hiro’s blog and Claire’s Myspace, and the changing of the name from Heroes360 to Evolutions.

How are games and riddles constructed? For instance, Hiro’s blog featured a very detailed crossword puzzle, and Richard Drucker recently sent a postcard with very complex code. Who writes these puzzles?

Masi Oka writes and creates all of the Hiro blog entries himself. I put together the Drucker postcard code and our lead designer (Markus Hagen) created the artwork and flash file. The games and riddles for Heroes Evolutions are developed by our in-house team and the Heroes Tranzmedia team working together with the show writers to help guide us and keep us within the show’s mythology.

View the rest of the interview here.

Also, here is a page from an upcoming graphic novel.

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ARG Related Stuff… by Damien
December 6, 2007, 11:04 pm
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Hana Gittelman who was on Heroes in Season 1 and has been featured in the comics alot is now again asking for your help and also giving you some stuff while she tracks down “Richard Drucker” who featured in a comic quite recently called “The Last Shangri-La” which was a bonus comic, he like Hana can intercept and generate digital/radio frequencies. She asked you to watch a video over at her blog which is a news article from Global News where they describe him as the “godfather of the internet” and is worth billions of dollars.

Create a Hero… by Damien
December 6, 2007, 12:24 am
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I just received some very exciting information for us Heroes fans and its from Sprint/M80 about a new intiative to create a hero for the tv show. Its an Online Campaign that allows us the fans and fanatics of the TV to create a Hero and you can choose his/her past and even destiny because each week users can vote either online or via text exclusive on Sprint phones (HEROES text 6789) for the best ones to appear in the Webisodes next year and maybe even feature in the show itself as a character. Check out the Youtube Video Below and Click the Banner in the Sidebar!!! and let the creating begin!!!

Primatech are Hiring… by Damien
March 26, 2007, 7:49 pm
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Primatech Paper

If you go to the NBC site there is an update sort of about a job position within Primatech Paper as a Manager, if you click it, it takes you to Primatech Paper…something brewing?!?…is Mr Bennet finished within the “Company”…

(Thanks to dj-anakin at Spoiler TV)

NBC to Revamp Its 360… by Damien
March 22, 2007, 12:26 pm
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 Heroes NBC

If you have been following the Heroes 360 or the ARG as they call it then you will know that NBC has done a great job but NBC want to do better and they are gonna be the first network in america to allow you embed items on your website which is gonna be awesome for Heroes fansites such as this…also they are gonna be creating some Social Networking tools just like Myspace so its more a group experience…Make sure you have a read of the article!!

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