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Keito Coming Back?… by Damien
November 17, 2007, 6:49 pm
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George Takei

George Takei recently sat with iF Magazine to talk about Heroes and his maybe impending return!…

iF: Did they at least let you know that you would be returning for season two?

TAKEI: Yes I did know that. However, before filming on season two began I got a phone call from Tim Kring. He used a phrase, “you might think this is a grim reaper call” and I thought “uh-oh.” Then he said that I would be surprised by the first script I would get. He wanted to alert me and didn’t want me to learn via the Internet or some other buzz. He told me I would “see a scene that would open my eyes, but that nothing on HEROES is what it seems on the surface” and he was right.

iF: I saw that you were going to be coming back in the upcoming episode.

TAKEI: Yes. I will be heard from a great deal more. [Laughs]


First Sulu now Uhura… by Damien
August 13, 2007, 3:07 am
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The connection between Heroes and Star Trek is strong, and getting stronger: first George Takei (TOS: Sulu), then Dominic Keating (ENT: Malcolm Reed).

Then Zachary Quinto cast as Spock… and earlier this week Heroes creator Tim Kring told he was looking “for another face that will have a very similar impact” to Takei when appearing on the show.

The ‘face’ Kring was talking about is Nichelle Nichols, (ST: Uhura), and she’ll appear on six episodes of Heroes Season Two.

(Heroes Revealed)

Masi and George on Set… by Damien
May 10, 2007, 2:25 pm
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“Landslide” Promos… by Damien
May 9, 2007, 3:36 am
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Thanks to person who emailed me these incredible HQ Promos for “Landslide”

George Takei Talks To IGN… by Damien
May 5, 2007, 2:01 pm
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IGN TV: Let’s start with Heroes. How much can we expect to see you by the finale?

George Takei: I am in the finale. There is also a spectacularly physical scene in the episode just prior to the finale. For two days afterwards I was sore all over. I’m an athlete, I run – but I discovered muscles that I didn’t know I had. So don’t miss that episode.

IGN TV: Were you surprised this role evolved from what was essentially a cameo?

Takei: Well, in my very first episode I didn’t have a word to say! It was a piece of cake. It was a night shot, I showed up, got into makeup and waited until it got dark. Then I got out of a car, glared, and then “cut!” and that was all that was required.

IGN TV: And did you think that was it?

Takei: Oh no, I knew I about a subsequent episode and one more after that.

IGN TV: Does Mister Nakamura have powers?

Takei: Mr. Kaito Nakamura. They keep you in ignorance but with each subsequent script you make discoveries. I first thought, and they told me, that I was one of the richest men in the world. A powerful industrial magnate, who was very concerned, indeed worried, about this weirdo son of mine. I cared about the family legacy, we have an important heritage and here is my only son. So I’m going to pound some sense and discipline into him, with tough love. That’s what I thought it was – just a father-son relationship. Then I find that I’m much more intertwined. I learn that I ordered HRG to raise this baby girl who turns out to be Claire. So yes, Nakamura is very much involved to a degree that suggests it’s not a totally innocent involvement. But, everything in Heroes is ambiguous. Is he empowered for good or for evil? Stay tuned. The surface is never as it seems.

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