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Plans for Volume 3… by Damien
December 5, 2007, 3:21 pm
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Here is some more info that I have received and posted in my blog. It is info about what was changed in Vol. 2 and what is planned for Volume 3.

NOTE: Nothing has been written and everything is based on the “current” plan the writers have for the show.

What was Changed During Volume 2:

1) Kristen Bell was originally suppose to be in 8 episodes and then killed off but due to fan support they are keeping her around for a bit longer

2) Elle was setup as a Bob’s step daughter and the daughter of Meredith which in turn would have been Claire’s SISTER but they dropped it due to lack of storylline and plot holes.

3) Stephen Tobolowsky (BOB) also had a slightly different story, he was supposed to be more evil then he is now and even recruited his SON WEST to make Claire turn against her father this was dropped early in Volume 2 for “various reasons”.

Wow, so Claire was going to be Elle’s sister as Kristen Bell almost leaked when she was signed on to the cast and I never saw that West would be Bob’s Son, but it did feel like he was sent to watch Claire early on. Also, it did feel like Bob was planned to be this big EVIL character and then they backed off.

Ok now for what many of you want to know….the current direction for Vol. 3…please keep in mind nothing has been written and all of this is the “current” plan the writers have for the show. There is plenty of things that can change between now and well….whenever the show returns.

The Current Plan for Volume 3:

1) Ali Larter will return to the show (as Kristin at E!Online has already reported) but are planning to wrap up her storyline up in Volume 3.

2) Micah’s storyline will end also

3) David Anders (Adam) will return and will meet a new friend

4) Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) well thats it up to the fans and he “might be back so don’t worry.”

5) Zachary Quinto (Sylar) will be more bad ass then ever and when we come back he will kill a star on the show

6) Villains is the start of something bigger for Heroes and hopefully it will be more fast pace then Generations (Volume 2).

All I can say is wow wow and wow….this all sounds very interesing, although this killing of characters and bringing them back is getting a little tiring….but I guess if you are a fan of Nathan start your campaigning right now…!!

As I mentioned in a previous blog I am in favor of darker storylines for the Superhero genre so it is good to hear that Adam and Sylar will be back terrorizing the Heroes. Also, there are other rumors floating around that Ali Larter’s evil alter ego Jessica will be a part of the Volume and not Niki.

[ODI Blog]

Volume 3 Promo… by Damien
December 4, 2007, 3:50 pm
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Sylar is back!!!

Heroes Ratings Rose… by Damien
November 29, 2007, 4:27 am
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Ratings Rose

According to SyFy Portal Heroes Ratings went up from Monday…

NBC’s only real bright light shined a little brighter Monday earning a 6.7 rating/10 share according to Fast National ratings from Nielsen Media Research. That is up slightly over the 6.6 earned the previous week, and was enough to take third place behind comedies on CBS and “Samantha Who?” on ABC, but was able to win the hour in the key demographic of adults 18 to 49.

“Chuck,” the lead-in to “Heroes,” is doing better as well, according to Zap2it. That show pulled in a 4.9/7, enough to tie for second in households with “How I Met Your Mother” and “Big Bang Theory,” all of which followed well behind “Dancing With the Stars, which had more than three times the audience with a 16.0/23. All those shows beat reruns on Fox and whatever The CW decided to show.

“Journeyman” did nothing to try and save itself, coming in at a 3.8/6, a 40 percent audience drop from its lead-in. It finished well behind “CSI: Miami” on CBS and “October Road” on ABC, although it did slip ahead of the ABC series in total number of viewers.

For the night, NBC finished third with a 5.2/8, but finished just behind CBS and ABC in the key 18-to-49 age demographic.

Fast Nationals usually provide a snapshot of what Americans are watching by pulling numbers from the top urban markets that includes both live viewing and same-day timeshifted viewing. A rating point generally represents more than 1.1 million households while the share indicates the percentage of televisions turned on that was tuned to the specific program. These numbers typically shift when final ratings are issued.

[SyFy Portal]

Beemans Truth… by Damien
November 27, 2007, 5:32 am
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Dana on Set

Greg Beeman updated his blog for this episode “Truth and Consequences”, heres an excerpt…

Two other quick things. Kudos to the VFX guys at Stargate for the scene where Suresh is in the cab at the end of the show. This doesn’t look like a visual effects sequence, I know… and that’s to their credit. The taxi was actually sitting static on a green screen stage – and all the moving New York backgrounds were dropped in as visual effects. I think they’re particularly good.

Another scene worth talking about is the one where Sylar stabs Alejandro. The first presentation I saw was an elaborate montage of stabbing and jump cutting and contrapunal sound effects like heart beats and ticking clocks. It was EXTREMELY violent, and worthy of Martin Scorsese. But it was obviously never going to fly on TV.


Truth and Consequences Sneak Peek… by Damien
November 22, 2007, 4:44 pm
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Truth and Consequences Promos… by Damien
November 20, 2007, 4:51 am
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Powerless Promos… by Damien
November 20, 2007, 12:29 am
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Adam Monroe

Pop on over to Spoiler TV for some major images from the finale of this Volume of Heroes!