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Beemans Powerless… by Damien
December 4, 2007, 3:54 pm
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Sylar and Elle

Greg Beeman posted a new post to correspond with the Fall Finale and its a good post make sure y’all check that stuff out…

Sadly, here at the HEROES offices we’ve dropped below a skeleton crew to a nobody crew, and I got stuck doing all the computer uploading, research and spell/fact checking alone. If there are more mispellings and fact mistakes than usual, forgive me!

So… Tonight our eleventh episode aired. It was written by Jeph Loeb and directed by Allan Arkush, both of who did their usual outstanding job! And I hope you all agree it is a fitting end to this segment of the season.

This time I thought I would do something a little different. I’ve been meaning to interview our composers Wendy Melovin and Lisa Coleman since way back since last season. I’ve actually tried to do it several times, but our schedules have been notoriously out of sync with each other. Now we finally hooked up.

The music of HEROES is I think, one of its most important elements. It is moody and ethereal and both unsettling and uplifting all at once. The instrumentation and orchestration are highly unusual. There’s also a lot of it. Two or three weeks before the show is on the air, we have a spotting session, where the producers Wendy and Lisa go through the picture and specify where we want music and what emotional effect we want out of the music. At the end of those sessions we always joke, saying, “well, this time there were only five music cues. All of act one. All of act two. All of act 3. All of Act 4 and all of act 5.” By the way, that’s A LOT. Thirty to thirty five minutes of a forty-two minute show. I’d guess that’s maybe double an average TV show. And Wendy and Lisa will then have, frequently, less than a week to compose and record all of it.


Beemans Truth… by Damien
November 27, 2007, 5:32 am
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Dana on Set

Greg Beeman updated his blog for this episode “Truth and Consequences”, heres an excerpt…

Two other quick things. Kudos to the VFX guys at Stargate for the scene where Suresh is in the cab at the end of the show. This doesn’t look like a visual effects sequence, I know… and that’s to their credit. The taxi was actually sitting static on a green screen stage – and all the moving New York backgrounds were dropped in as visual effects. I think they’re particularly good.

Another scene worth talking about is the one where Sylar stabs Alejandro. The first presentation I saw was an elaborate montage of stabbing and jump cutting and contrapunal sound effects like heart beats and ticking clocks. It was EXTREMELY violent, and worthy of Martin Scorsese. But it was obviously never going to fly on TV.


Beemans Truth… by Damien

Kristin and Jack

Another amazing post from Greg Beeman which also saw some great backstage pictures!…

I think the drama is great in this episode. There’s an ever-escalating sense of tension, like a pot rising to a boil. All the characters feel like they’re really under pressure. I especially love the way HRG and Sandra’s relationship develops. How angry she is at first, and how she openly questions why she never left him before now. Then, when HRG is talking to Elle about why SHE was the reason he never handed Claire over to the company, Sandra’s crying face – which we cut to two or three times – let’s us know how she’s coming to understand them. Another, very simple shot which I love is a close up their hands, as HRG tries to hand her a gun, and she puts her hands on his chest. So beautifully visual. And it completes the arc of their story.

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Also theres a reference on the site to Slusho which is Viral website for Project Cloverfield which is the new film by JJ Abrams and for that you should check out Project Cloverfield Clues Website.

4 Months Beeman… by Damien
November 13, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Greg Beeman posted a blog about the new episode “4 months ago” and here is an excerpt…

One of the fun things that we do on HEROES, is that we frequently open an episode at the exact minute, or perhaps a minute before the end of the previous episode. In episode 7 Peter re-appeared in the present having abandoned Caitlin there. He screamed “Caitlin” and fell to his knees and we went to commercial. Later, after the commercial break and several scenes, we ended the show on Peter shooting a bolt of energy at Adam. Well, in this one, I had the idea of combining both of those two, previously separated moments, into one. After the “previously on heroes” segment, we come up on a shot of Peter, seen from above. Using a techno-crane, which is a crane with a telescoping arm – a device that can, effectively, both crane and dolly from a fixed platform, I moved through all of the previously seen moments in one unbroken shot. I wanted to do a long take to start the episode, because I thought it would give the viewers a sense of things happening in real time – which is an important theme of the episode.

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Out of Beeman… by Damien
November 6, 2007, 4:29 pm
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As with every new episode there was a new Beeman blog and this week he went into the episode “Out of Time”

And in the final scene – a big surprise – as we reveal who Adam Monroe is at the end of the episode… Okay, so how many of you saw that coming? Of course I’ve known for months and have become pretty blasé about it. Behind the scenes we all freely discuss the actor who plays Adam in both his incarnations. In fact he’s been playing both roles way back since episode 1 when he was naught but a shadowy figure on the Deveaux rooftop. But once we got finished with cutting the episode we started showing it to people who had never read the plot point. Lots of crew who work in the later stages of post production (i.e. sound mixers, color timers, etc.) had never read this scene and seemed to be completely caught by surprise when they saw Adam walk out in the last scene.

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Fight or Beeman… by Damien
October 23, 2007, 3:31 pm
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Kristin Bell

Greg Beeman wrote a new blog to go with episode 5 Fight or Flight and added some awesome pictures heres a few from the blog and make the jump if you want to read the rest!…

This episode develops some of our storylines and resolves some others. Our New Orleans story progresses, as Monica begins to learn what the scope of her power is, and you can see the beginnings of a new team-up in her and Micah’s relationship. Matt and Nathan continue working to track down and meet Matt’s father, “The Nightmare Man” who has been tormenting Molly. Suresh makes, what is perhaps, a fateful mistake when he brings Molly in to the company, and finds himself becoming entangled in their web. Peter resolves his story in Ireland, as a new “Company Woman” enters the picture, moving his story in another direction.

This episode is, perhaps, most notable for the introduction of Kristen Bell to the HEROES lineup. We have been introducing a lot of new characters in these early episodes. I know that, to some people, it feels like it’s been too much too fast, and some wonder where have last year’s heroes gone? But Tim Kring expressed from the beginning of the development of this year that it was important to him to keep evolving the big-picture story. He really wanted to create a global sense to the show this year. Having said all that, I truly think everyone will agree that Kristen is an awesome addition to our recipe.

If you don’t know her already, Kristen was the star of the well reviewed, but little-watched UPN and later CW show “VERONICA MARS.” Her performance as the eponymous character was routinely critically lauded. (Catch it on DVD if you’ve never seen it – it’s a real good TV show!!)

Anyway, the story behind how she ended up on HEROES is a pretty good one. Last summer, after the HEROES panel at Comic-Con, two of our writers, Joe Pokaski and Aron Eli Coleite were riding from San Diego to LA on the train. Sitting in the same car, they saw Zach Quinto and Kristen Bell – who, as it turns out, are old-time best friends. Everyone got to talking, and Joe and Aron said “Hey if you ever want to be on the show, we’ll write a part for you.” To which Kristen replied, “Really? Well, maybe I’d be interested.” More talk revealed that Kristen was a huge fan of the show (mostly through her palship with Zach.) The deal was sealed when, later, Kristen’s cell phone flew out of her hands and she told Joe and Aron how she had “energy hands.” Seems she waves her hands around a lot when she’s talking, which builds up a lot of energy. When she stops waving them and holds on to an electronic device, that device will frequently fly out of her hands and break.


Kindred Beeman… by Damien
October 9, 2007, 7:22 pm
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Sylar and Candice

Greg Beeman released a new post about the latest episode Kindred just before the episode aired heres an excerpt…

This episode is a little tricky structurally. It begins to solidify and focus some of the new ideas that were introduced in episodes 1 and 2. Peter, who was discovered alive but without memory in episode 1, begins to fit in and function within the Irish gang and begins to be attracted to Caitlin. His attraction will guide his decisions in the next few episodes. Matt and Suresh begin to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into with the decision to take down the company, and that they may just be in over their heads. Maya and Alejandro’s desperation to get to the USA gets them in trouble – and this situation forces Maya to use her powers intentionally for the first time. Claire and West reveal who they really are to each other and this takes their relationship to a higher level (heh heh). And HRG sees the final painting in Isaac Mendez’s sequence… What he sees will drive him to desperately find paintings #2 thru #7 to try and prevent the events of the paintings from happening – even though the paintings have prophesied inevitably up to now.