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Catch Up Novels… by Damien
January 8, 2008, 6:01 pm
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Sorry I haven’t posted the novels lately thats because have been a bit busy since the end of Heroes with other projects but lets catch up on these novels…

Elle PT1

Elles First Assignment PT1

In a tale of times past, Elle receives her very first assignment: monitor Claire Bennet. Posing as a student at Union Wells High School, the task proves far more difficult than she ever imagined.

Elle PT2

Elles First Assignment PT2

Elle received her first assignment from the company: find out what Claire Bennet’s power is, if she even has one. Opposed by the Man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Elle decides to give Claire a push in the right direction…

Normal Lives

Normal Lives

To escape the ever-watching eyes of The Company, Noah Bennet decided to move his family from Odessa, Texas to sunny California. But little did he know that his past would once again threaten his plans for a better future.

10 Brides of Kensei

The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

Over four hundred years old, Takezo Kensei has outlived entire lineages of families.
But what of his own?
Who were the loves of Takezo Kensei?

Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

It is rumored that the enigmatic Richard Drucker is living among the monks of the Himalayas. Drucker has lived all over the world, but how did he end up in Bhutan? And why has he remained there to this day?

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