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Keito Coming Back?… by Damien
November 17, 2007, 6:49 pm
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George Takei

George Takei recently sat with iF Magazine to talk about Heroes and his maybe impending return!…

iF: Did they at least let you know that you would be returning for season two?

TAKEI: Yes I did know that. However, before filming on season two began I got a phone call from Tim Kring. He used a phrase, “you might think this is a grim reaper call” and I thought “uh-oh.” Then he said that I would be surprised by the first script I would get. He wanted to alert me and didn’t want me to learn via the Internet or some other buzz. He told me I would “see a scene that would open my eyes, but that nothing on HEROES is what it seems on the surface” and he was right.

iF: I saw that you were going to be coming back in the upcoming episode.

TAKEI: Yes. I will be heard from a great deal more. [Laughs]


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