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Jack Sits with Buddy… by Damien
November 15, 2007, 12:13 am
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Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman recently sat down with Buddy TV to talk about Heroes, his Character and the Strike!…

And is there any knowledge of, “If the strike lasts until this long, you’ll come back in the spring” or are you off until the summer?

It’s very hard to tell. Here’s my best guess based on all those rumors and innuendo that I’ve been able to collect from all the different sources, my guess is if the strike gets solved to the point where we can go back to work in January and there’s almost no scenario that has us going back sooner than that, then I think we’ll finish up the season if not 24 [episodes], then a significant portion of the season. If by January it’s not over, it’s not solved, there’s not hope of getting back into production, then the whole thing will very likely push until June or something. As I said, this is complete speculation. I’m not really anymore in the know on this than anyone else. It’s very confusing, it’s very uncertain and we’re hoping it gets resolved soon. It’s not fun for anybody.

Definitely. And a lot of the fans watching have their own questions about: “What’s going on with this character?” or “I wonder what this means in the mythology of the show.” And are there any questions that you have that the writers haven’t answered that you’re just dying to know: “What does this mean. What’s going on with this?”

Well you know it’s such an interesting time right now because earlier in the season I did, I had a lot of questions as to what was happening. A lot of those questions have been answered. And I can’t, without being too spoilerific, I can’t really reveal them now. But I will say that most of my questions have been answered and I think what you’re going to see before long is people coming together and having to work together to save the world, to save themselves. I think you’re going to see more of the characters working in concert, and that includes the bad guys.

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