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4 Months Beeman… by Damien
November 13, 2007, 3:51 pm
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Greg Beeman posted a blog about the new episode “4 months ago” and here is an excerpt…

One of the fun things that we do on HEROES, is that we frequently open an episode at the exact minute, or perhaps a minute before the end of the previous episode. In episode 7 Peter re-appeared in the present having abandoned Caitlin there. He screamed “Caitlin” and fell to his knees and we went to commercial. Later, after the commercial break and several scenes, we ended the show on Peter shooting a bolt of energy at Adam. Well, in this one, I had the idea of combining both of those two, previously separated moments, into one. After the “previously on heroes” segment, we come up on a shot of Peter, seen from above. Using a techno-crane, which is a crane with a telescoping arm – a device that can, effectively, both crane and dolly from a fixed platform, I moved through all of the previously seen moments in one unbroken shot. I wanted to do a long take to start the episode, because I thought it would give the viewers a sense of things happening in real time – which is an important theme of the episode.

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