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Out of Beeman… by Damien
November 6, 2007, 4:29 pm
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As with every new episode there was a new Beeman blog and this week he went into the episode “Out of Time”

And in the final scene – a big surprise – as we reveal who Adam Monroe is at the end of the episode… Okay, so how many of you saw that coming? Of course I’ve known for months and have become pretty blasé about it. Behind the scenes we all freely discuss the actor who plays Adam in both his incarnations. In fact he’s been playing both roles way back since episode 1 when he was naught but a shadowy figure on the Deveaux rooftop. But once we got finished with cutting the episode we started showing it to people who had never read the plot point. Lots of crew who work in the later stages of post production (i.e. sound mixers, color timers, etc.) had never read this scene and seemed to be completely caught by surprise when they saw Adam walk out in the last scene.

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