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Can You Kill Him?… by Damien
October 25, 2007, 7:32 pm
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I held off from posting this because I am not sure that its credible but the fact is there is a promo out on the Sprint website that shows Bob talking about this character so if you want to read what could be a season changing spoiler then make the jump!…

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I started thinking about how i wanted to present the infos that i have on the boards… i thought the best way to do this was to make separate posts for the major storylines that are coming up.
and to kick it off, i thought the answer most people wanted to know so far.
people have guessed and came up with theories on different posts and a few of them were right, the killer is in fact, kensei.

i guess i will delve a little more into kensei for a juicier scoop. PLEASE do not continue reading if you do not want to know what happens around Eps. 10-11

like i’ve mentioned, kensei is the one who killed hiro’s dad along with the other ‘older generations.’ there will be a big confrontation between hiro and kensei a matter of fact. the showdown will take place at primatech. kensei IS immortal, he CANNOT be killed. 400 yrs have passed and he will no longer be known as kensei, his name will be ADAM MONROE. by this point, hiro has been betrayed by kensei many years ago and will try to have revenge on kensei during this showdown. but who of all people is helping him? peter. kensei/adam will be “frozen in time” for alot of the fight/dialogue between hiro and peter. peter is helping kensei since kensei/adam helps save nathan’s life previously.
far as kensei/adam’s “death” goes, it’s an interesting one. let’s just say it’s something along the lines of kill bill vol.2 and CSI.

s for kensei/adam’s death? (to give you more in-detail info…. also, keep in mind these episodes have already been filmed, and are set to air before the first break. specificially, episodes 10-11. if i am lying, you’ll know very very soon since the episode i am talking about is coming within a few weeks)

back to kensei’s death, simple as this. since he is ‘immortal’ they’ll be burying him alive in a concrete casket. at which point, we’ll see another shot of our favorite cockroach passing by on screen.

saying that, to answer your questions, kensei is ADAM MONROE. do not ask me when and how his name changes. i do not know. but he is referred and known by his name ‘in the future’ (present).
far as being like claire, he is known to be “immortal.” described as “cannot be killed….”
and far as hiro’s ‘betrayal,’ that i am also not certain of, but hiro does say to peter,

“GETTING JUSTICE FOR MY FATHER.” when peter asks him what he is doing. and “He was my friend too, 400 yrs ago. He betrayed me. He will betray you!”

sooooo…. we’ll find out what exactly happened from now till the episodes 10-11 but i am certain of the other infos i’ve posted for you previously.

wow, lots to cover. k, first off, i am with the people who are hesistant believe someone has to say regarding spoilers, like i’ve said, i’d be reacting the same way if i were you. i wouldnt blindly trust just anyone so naively. however, i simply ask you, just copy and paste my posts regarding the posts and save it on your email inbox and see check in about 7-8 episodes from now to see if it is true. i’ll be more than happy to post a public apology note if for some reason i happen to be wrong. the person picking on people’s grammar, grow up, i never claimed to be a journalist with literary degrees…. and second, revealing sources can be tricky if you are in the business yourself. have you thought about an extra might lose their job? or a crew member? but THATS how accurate my infos are so take it for what it is. to the people who don’t wanna believe me or have negative things to say, simply just dont read. and far as that spanish website goes, i dont read spanish but wasnt that news printed up 22nd of october or something?
to answer your questions, in order….

someone asked when did kensei save nathan. that we will have to wait and see. it is something that’ll be playing out this season and we’ll find out soon, i honestly have no clue. which episode do peter and nathan unite? also can’t tell you for sure. i CAN tell you that angela and claire dont even know about peter’s survival from the explosion till episode 11. there will be a HUGE broadcast on tv with nathan ‘addressing the world regarding the virus outbreak in odessa’ and claire will see nathan, peter and matt on tv.
(sorry i couldnt give you the answers you wanted but that’s all i got on that so far)

to the person mentioning about brain blowing up to million pieces. lol. sorry, just a funny visual. ummm, i do not know if they’ll be directly addressing the issue that he is immortal, but the reason for his death being the way it is, being buried alive, makes sense. since he can’t be killed, they’ll have to just trap him. sylar and maya. from what i know, maya will end up with suresh, lolly and elle at isaac’s loft.

cockroach deal. no clue, except for the fact that its making its return during the buried alive scene for kensei/adam monroe.

peter ‘helping’ kensei/adam….
k, try to follow me on this one since i only know what happens on episodes 10-11. this first half of the season is all about the virus. at some point, the virus will actually BREAK OUT in odessa. it will be quarantined to stop from spreading. (nathan will make a big speech regarding this, about how brave the people of texas have been for locking themselves in for the safety of the rest of the world) peter, having been to the future, sees that this virus kills pretty much everybody. this moment he believes is the time for him to stop it, with kensei/adam. hiro trying to convince peter regarding the truth about kensei/adam fails in the beginning. kensei/adam is the one who is trying to get the virus from the vaults of primatech for his own use, lying to peter. it is not until nathan and matt enter the scene that matt’s able to get inside peter’s head with ‘thoughts’ to let him know to STOP kensei/adam and help hiro.

it’d be one thing if we were talking about the show smallville or something, but this is HEROES for godsakes!!! the biggest show we’ve had in a long long time, so hope you understand my need to be a bit discreet regarding my infos.

sorry for not getting to ALL the questions, but its hard to keep track of all and answer them, i try to write them down but some do get passed by. seems to me i did miss a recurring question regarding why kensei/adam is killing the older generations. to tell you the truth, i dont know. and i also dont know what his true motive for wanting to steal this virus from the vaults with the help of peter’s powers. but i do know kaito had kept kensei/adam in a prison for 30 yrs. peter also mentions being locked in the same prison. far as who’s playing the new kensei/adam, it is still david anders. gone are the samurai outfits and replaced with sharp looking suits!

the virus. i do know it is not just affecting SGs. since nathan mentions in his ‘unoffical speech’ to the nation regarding the virus, it sounds like everyone in general was affected in texas. that’s why they have locked themselves in from the world for safety.

i dont know what this whole bob parkman deal is. lol. but obviously someone has burned the people down in the past with false info, which is typical and not surprising. but rest assured, what i have provided so far ARE the truth. so please go ahead and guess and take your theories as to what may have happened. like yourself, i am dying to know what possible kensei/adam has gone through with the older generation for him to be a psycho killer. angela clearly states that he is taking revenge upon them for betraying them.

Source : NBC Boards and “Insider”

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