Use Your Ability To Inform Others…

Kristin Leaks Some Stuff… by Damien
October 17, 2007, 3:10 pm
Filed under: Blog, General, Kristin Bell, Links, Season 2, Spoilers

1 ) Bell’s Chracter Elle is “a little bit off”
2 ) Elle will find Peter
3 ) Elle has a “very interesting dynamic” and a much “deeper relationship” with Claire than people think. Joking but accidently hinting they might be sisters!!
4 ) She appears in Episode 5, but will not return until Episode 8 & 9.
5 ) Bell is signed for only 13 episodes so far.
6 ) Vol. 2 Generations will end by Episode 11 with cliffhanger to Vol. 3
7 ) Fans should “fully expect” to see some of the characters leave
8 ) We will see more of the 12 in the picture.
9 ) Joanna Cassidy could possibly be the person standing next to Mr. Parkman
10 ) Bell mentions she was “not offered” a role on LOST
11 ) Bell says she wants to work with Quinto (Sylar) and face off against him because they are good friends in real life.

(Buddy TV)

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