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Kindred Beeman… by Damien
October 9, 2007, 7:22 pm
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Sylar and Candice

Greg Beeman released a new post about the latest episode Kindred just before the episode aired heres an excerpt…

This episode is a little tricky structurally. It begins to solidify and focus some of the new ideas that were introduced in episodes 1 and 2. Peter, who was discovered alive but without memory in episode 1, begins to fit in and function within the Irish gang and begins to be attracted to Caitlin. His attraction will guide his decisions in the next few episodes. Matt and Suresh begin to realize what they’ve gotten themselves into with the decision to take down the company, and that they may just be in over their heads. Maya and Alejandro’s desperation to get to the USA gets them in trouble – and this situation forces Maya to use her powers intentionally for the first time. Claire and West reveal who they really are to each other and this takes their relationship to a higher level (heh heh). And HRG sees the final painting in Isaac Mendez’s sequence… What he sees will drive him to desperately find paintings #2 thru #7 to try and prevent the events of the paintings from happening – even though the paintings have prophesied inevitably up to now.


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