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Greg Chats With LAist… by Damien
October 1, 2007, 4:57 am
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Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg recently sat down with the website the LAist and chatted to them about Heroes and the cast and behind the scenes and what it was like to go on a world tour.

The plots for “Heroes” episodes are extremely detailed and complicated. Remind us what was happening with your character Matt Parkman at the end of last season.

First of all the show is nowhere near as complicated as other shows I have been on. I have to say. When I was shooting “Alias”, people would ask me, especially my parents. My dad would ask ‘so what exactly is happening?”.

I would say, ‘Dad I have no idea’. I just get the scripts and I say the words. I can’t tell you who these terrorists are and what we are going after and what exactly is happening. “Heroes” is at least easy to follow. You can easily pick it up season two. You’ll know everything that is going on with in five minutes. Last year Matt Parkman was trying to find out exactly what was happening to all of these people and especially to himself. He used this little girl that he rescued in the first episode to track down and find people that are in charge of this. Season two goes back to the origins and the original group that was affected. We are sort of another group that’s coming together. Some of the character’s families were involved in the original group. They were trying to change the world. Way back.

Also Greg Revealed that Adrian Pasdar has a Youtube Handle so check that for some awesome behind the scenes stuff.

Thanks to Watching Heroes and LAist!


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