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Four Months Later… by Damien
September 25, 2007, 3:02 pm
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Mohinder and Bob

Greg Beeman posted a post on his blog about the Premiere of Heroes and he also added some cool pictures here is an excerpt from the blog post!

I directed the episode. Tim Kring wrote the script. This is, actually, the first HEROES script of Tim’s that I’ve directed. It’s interesting, and I’m not sure why this is, but I found this script easier to direct than the other HEROES I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten great scripts on this show, but as we shot it, things just seemed to stage and shoot more easily and gracefully. Even though the show is big, it prepped and shot better than most of our others. The show is actually 10 minutes longer than an average HEROES – 53 minutes versus 43. But we filmed it in 13 days without many problems (A typical 43 minute show takes 10-12 days.) I credit a tight script with natural internal logic and flow and a certain simplicity and directness of storytelling, that made this possible.

I’ve directed season openers before. I did all of the SMALLVILLE openers between seasons 2 and 4. They’re fun to do because they’re inevitably big and action packed. You get more days to shoot them and – while you’re introducing new stories and ideas that will drive the rest of the season – openers tend to end in an unresolved way. As a director I get all the fun of introducing a problem without having to conclude it to a solution.

Tim, the writers, and the non-writing producers (which includes me) all spent a lot of time talking about how we were going to tell stories this year, and where all the characters were at when we meet them. The title of the episode tells you a lot – It’s FOUR MONTHS LATER and we are meeting all of our recurring characters four months after the events in Kirby Plaza, when Nathan flew Peter into the sky and the Heroes prevented the destruction of NYC

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