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Stuff From Ausiello… by Damien
September 20, 2007, 4:52 pm
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Question: Can you give us any more scoop on Kristen Bell’s character on Heroes? Like, which of the actors she’ll be filming with? — Karen

Ausiello: First off, let me say how much it sucks that I failed to connect with my BFF at the Emmys. We were like two beautifully coiffed ships passing in the night. Luckily, I did catch up with her costar Jack Coleman (HRG), who revealed that he would be shooting his first scene with Bell the morning after the Emmys — and we’re talking the wee hours of the morning. His call time was 7 am. Of course he had it better than Bell, who was due at work at 5 am! That probably explains why she skipped the after-party circuit.

Question: I’m a longtime reader and devoted Aushole. Could you dish out some prattle on the major death in the season premiere of Heroes? — Helena Rose

Ausiello: Funny story: I posed that exact question to Noah Gray-Cabey on the red carpet, and damn if the kid didn’t crack under pressure. Still, you may be able to suss out some clues from his body language. Click here to watch the video.

Question: Can I pretty please have some Heroes scoop? — Alexa

Ausiello: Only my BFF Greg Grunberg could get a flat tire en route to the Emmys and still show up in time to give me some serious scoop. “Parkman’s family plays a huge role in the story behind the heroes,” he revealed. “My character for once plays an integral part in what’s happening. And it was a shock to me when I got [the script]. I was like, ‘What?’ But it’s great because people have been saying to me, ‘I really wish that you’d be more a part of the show.’ I’ve been working my butt off, but it’s been great.”



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