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Adrian and Milo does BBC… by Damien
September 1, 2007, 7:24 pm
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Heroes Here and Now… by Damien
September 1, 2007, 7:17 pm
Filed under: Article, Blog, General, Links, Season 2 had a piece about Heroes today on their website…

Nobody expected much from Heroes when it premiered in the US last autumn. But the series just kept exploding, with ratings growing through the winter. NBC’s website went crazy, as fans flocked to an online graphic novel, insider blogs, and busy message boards. Now NBC is selling Heroes merchandise, from T-shirts and caps, to art pins and Oka-faced Hiro watches.

But the focus is on Universal’s seven-disc DVD set, out in the US this week and on import in the UK if you can’t wait to find out what happens at the end of season one, currently airing on BBC2 (the UK DVD version will be split, more expensively, into two box sets, out in October and December, to fans’ annoyance).

The US version’s package folds out to reveal colourful comic illustrations of the unwitting superheroes. Series creator Tim Kring says he hopes the DVD will attract new fans who “felt that they couldn’t jump on to the show midseason”.

While newcomers should probably start with the series pilot, fans who have already been there can jump to the first disc’s original pilot: an extended 74-minute cut previously shown only at last year’s Comic-Con. Its cutting-room-floor scenes introduce a never-aired thread about a reluctant Muslim extremist (Omid Abtahi) who has radioactive hands. It’s easy to see why this was jettisoned; it’s far too sensitive a slice of real-world jeopardy. You can hear all about it in Kring’s full-length commentary, where he explains the dropping of this “dark, kind of terrorist story”.

“We started our planning of the DVD pretty much right at the very beginning,” says Kring, “in terms of behind-the-scenes footage, and the commentaries. The core audience of a show like Heroes is very savvy about these kinds of things, and wants a DVD that reflects the nature of the show. So we’re aiming very high with this.” Did I mention the 50 deleted scenes? And there’s more to come, Kring promises. “We’re approaching season two with many of the same ideas, of creating as much extra material for the audience to see.”

Tributes to Heroes… by Damien
September 1, 2007, 7:14 pm
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The Star recently had an article about Heroes on how the stars came out and met the fans…

“We can be heroes … just for one day.”

The classic David Bowie lyric came true for an estimated 5,000 local fans – and some from as far away as Calgary, Halifax and even Brazil – as they got their chance to meet the heroes of Heroes yesterday afternoon at Yonge-Dundas Square, the final stop of the hit series’ eight-city “World Tour.”

Heroes, one of the few break-away hits of last television season, is the serialized saga of otherwise ordinary people around the globe who suddenly manifest unexplained super-powers, like invisibility, invulnerability and flight.

The series returns for its much-anticipated, secrecy-shrouded second season on NBC and Global Sept. 24.

But Toronto fans didn’t have to wait that long to become re-acquainted with some of their Heroes favourites: 11-year-old Noah Gray-Cabey, who plays the young techno-path, Micah; James Kyson Lee, a.k.a. Ando, mortal sidekick to the time-shifting Hiro; stunning new cast member Dania Ramirez, whose character, Maya, has as-yet unrevealed but apparently potentially catastrophic powers; and last and most enthusiastically, Zachary Quinto, better known as Heroes’ brain-sucking super-villain, Sylar.

And soon to be even better known as the younger incarnation of the sci-fi icon Spock, in the first of a contracted three Star Trek prequels, set to start shooting in November.

By which time, Quinto says, his work on the second season of Heroes should be done.

Indeed, with the unprecedented live-appearance tour now over, the entire cast will be quickly returning to work – production, at this point, is up to Episode 7, with 8 and 9 then being shot simultaneously.

“That’s just how super we really are,” laughed writer/producer and veteran comics scribe Jeph Loeb, who accompanied the cast members on the Toronto leg of the tour.

The Heroes spent most of Thursday evening at a private Global advertisers event at Jamie Kennedy’s Gardiner Restaurant, then went off to party in Yorkville at Remy’s.

Yesterday, after an early-morning round of radio and television interviews, they showed up to the public Yonge-Dundas event to sign autographs for fans who had already been lined up for hours, anxiously clutching copies of the just-released Heroes: Season One DVD, conveniently available just up the street at Best Buy.

Though clearly tired and pressed for time, the fantastic five insisted in sticking around until everyone lined up for autographs had one.

Most brought up the freshly purchased DVD sets, and Heroes hats and shirts, also conveniently available for sale in the Square itself.

One fan had a two-faced chess timer he desperately wanted signed by “Sylar” – not by any means the strangest request actor Quinto has ever heard.

“There was one woman in New York who brought up this huge pair of red satin panties,” he said.

From the Square, the Heroes were whisked to the CN Tower for a group photo op.

And last night, before a planned dinner at Joso’s restaurant, they were scheduled to attend the Blue Jays/Seattle baseball game, where Grey-Cabey was to throw out the opening pitch.

“At least, I hope so,” fretted the precocious youngster.

“I’ve only tried something like this once before,” he confessed, “in a failed attempt to catch the opening pitch at a Dodgers game.

“So I really don’t want to mess this one up.”

Get Out Of My Head!!!… by Damien
September 1, 2007, 4:15 pm
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