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Milo Becomes Anti-Hero… by Damien
August 20, 2007, 4:23 pm
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Milo Ventimiglia

MTV recently did an article on Milo’s resurgence to the acting world…

Eleven months ago, Milo Ventimiglia was a struggling actor filling supporting roles on shows like “Gilmore Girls” and starring in blink-and-you-miss-’em duds like “Dirty Deeds.” Then he became a hero.

And now that he’s the flying, regenerating, often-invisible superman Peter Petrelli on NBC’s hit show “Heroes,” Ventimiglia is ready for a triumphant return to the big screen via “Pathology,” a doctoral drama that hits theaters November 30. It will mark the actor’s first starring role since “Heroes” began.

“You’ve got a group of friends who are pathologists, who get a bit of a God complex and start killing people,” said the star, who recently turned 30. “They’re all going for that perfect murder.”

After the “Heroes” phenomenon took television by storm in the fall, Ventimiglia — who also had a small role in last year’s “Rocky Balboa” (see ” ‘Heroes’ Star Sheds ‘Dirty’ Past To Become Rocky Balboa’s Son”) — found himself being approached by Hollywood filmmakers for the first time, rather than the other way around. With several scripts in play, he found himself gravitating toward this dark thriller from the stylistic writing/producing team behind the 2006 Jason Statham action flick “Crank.”

“These are people who are at the top of their field, the top of their game, and now they’re trying to explore something different, something that excites them,” he explained. “Because I gotta tell you, man, when you’re around the deceased 12 hours a day, there’s not much that keeps you going. You find yourself in a dark, transitory world of sex, drugs and murder.”

Taking the “perfect-crime” concept behind classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” into the new century, “Pathology” has Ventimiglia heading up a cast that includes Alyssa Milano, Lauren Lee Smith (“The L Word”) and Michael Weston (“Garden State”).

“I play Dr. Jake Gallen,” Weston explained. “He’s the leader of this group of very smart students who … have pushed the limits as far as their world is concerned. They’re looking for the next fix. I’ve corralled the rest of the students into my psychosis, and they’re playing that out for me. I’ve also gotten bored of that, and there’s no real challenge there.”

Enter Ventimiglia, who plays an anti-hero this time around. “When Milo’s character, Ted, comes in, we immediately face off — I’ve found my true adversary,” Weston grinned. “And from that moment, as soon as he walks in, we’re head-to-head for the rest of the movie. That’s where the game really starts to accelerate.”

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