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Another Boldly Going Forward?… by Damien
August 11, 2007, 3:22 am
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IESB recently sat down with James Kyson Lee and asked him about maybe having a role in Star Trek…

The IESB was able to speak with James Kyson Lee who plays Ando on NBC’s Heroes and Star Trek XI was the hot topic!

Zachary Quinto is Spock, Anton Yelchin has been cast as Pavel Chekov, so who will round up the rest of the cast? Will the rest of the OG crew such as Sulu, Scotty, etc make appearances as well?

A couple of weeks ago during Comic Con, the IESB spent a few minutes talking to a few of the guys from Heroes including Milo Ventimiglia, Zachary Quinto – the recently announced Spock and James Kyson Lee – Ando. And Star Trek was very much the conversation!

As we spoke with James, he said he would love to play the role of Hikaru Sulu that was made legendary by actor George Takei. At first I thought that he was kidding a bit, but by the end of the interview, it appears that he was quite serious about trying to reach out the Abrams camp.

Could he pull it off? Certainly. Would it be too much to have two Heroes stars playing two roles in the new Star Trek movie? Probably, but it still fun to see actors being so excited about Star Trek. Besides, a good actor is a good actor and it’s all about who you know in this business.

You know Greg Grunberg (my favorite Hero) is going to have a part in there somewhere. He’ll probably be the Ensign without a last name…and we all know what that means! Hopefully he will supply some plucky comic relief along the way.



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