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Claires Boyfriend’s Power Takes Him PLaces… by Damien
August 7, 2007, 2:58 pm
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 We have all been wanting some new Heroes news about powers and such well we have got some today and this time its about Claires Boyfriend West, it was revealed over at E! with Kristin and this is what she said.

Claire’s new boyfriend has something in common with one of her dads… Okay, we’ll stop teasing you. Claire’s new boyfriend can fly, and for one particular romantic getaway he picks her up and carries her to the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. Also, according to our source, Claire is still very much a teenager and has been sneaking out of the house to hang out with her new fella.

So he can fly well its not original but its pretty cool.

(Via HeroesTheSeries)

Anders is a Regular… by Damien
August 7, 2007, 2:51 pm
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David Anders According to Digital Spy David Anders has been promoted to a Season Regular…

Alias alumnus David Anders has been upped to series regular status on NBC’s Heroes, TV Guide has reported.
Anders, who played devious terrorist Kane on ABC’s Alias, is understood to have been promoted from a recurring cast member to regular after he put in impressive performances playing the character of 1000-year old Kensei during production on Heroes’ sophomore season.