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How to Stop An Exploding Man US Promo… by Damien
May 15, 2007, 3:40 am
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It doesn’t get any clearer. The promo videos and pictures clearly tell the story to come:


claire feels betrayed by Nathan and Mom Petrelli and she jumps out of a building.
Peter faces Sylar to stop the bomb, although he manages to get rid of sylar (maybe not by killing him) he realises that he’s the bomb. Claire should kill Peter but she can’t (“i’m sorry”). Though Nathan can, he flyes Peter away (Look at the promo pictures: Nathan is standing next to Peter, and on other pictures you see, that all the heroes-folks look up in the night sky, Nathan is flying the exploding Peter away – maybe to nebraska?)

End of spoiler

it’s going to be a blast (pun intended). Does anyone know, if this is going to be a 2hours final, or “just” around 45 minutes?

happy wondering, jim.

Comment by jim hawkins

It’s just an hour….and I agree with the theory =)

Comment by Damien

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