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Kristin Spills… by Damien
May 8, 2007, 4:50 pm
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Ginger in Argentina: I love Heroes. Any scoops?

I just caught up with Masi Oka (who also will be our special guest in the very next Vine show that airs next Monday, hurrah!), and he gave me some dish on tonight’s ep: “It’s going to be a lot about Sylar and his origins, and it’s very surprising. And with Hiro, you’re going to see a lot of badass sword fighting.” Um, could it get any better?! Masi told me that choreographing the sword-fight scene was a blast—more on that in tonight’s Heroes Redux.

Lauren in Palm Desert, California: Oh, my! I love Heroes! I just can’t believe how good this show is. I am still drooling over Peter’s sexy scar. What can you tell us about the finale? I can’t wait!

I have it on good authority that season one of Heroes ends with a “bang.” And I don’t think they’re talking a sex scene..



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