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Sydice?… by Damien
May 3, 2007, 6:57 pm
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Melissa-Peregrym is a top site for all things Missy Peregrym and well they dished some ultimate scoopage running into the end of the season…

To land the role of Candice Wilmer, an evil super-illusionist working on Heroes, Surrey, B.C.-native Missy Peregrym went nose-to-nose with one of the series’ most terrifying characters: the writers drafted a steamy scene in which Peregrym, 24, had to smooch with serial killer Sylar (Zachary Quinto).“The kiss was fine, [but] it wasn’t romantic at all,” Peregrym recalls in a recent interview. “I think they [casting directors] do that because it’s so awkward! And they want to see if you can pull it off.” She aced the test and, after appearing in several episodes in which she impersonated Simone (Peter Petrelli’s dead girlfriend) and HRG’s wife, Peregrym returned to guest star in the season’s final six episodes, which began last week.

Asked if Candice will get romantically involved with Sylar, who is known for sucking heroes’ brains and stealing their powers, Peregrym laughs. “It was purely for the audition.” Still, it would make a mind-blowing storyline.

Peregrym’s character is the latest mysterious figure to join the Heroes cast. As a shapeshifter, Candice messes with peoples’ heads, making them see what she wants them to see. By “becoming” HRG’s wife, for instance, Candice exposed the fact that Mr. Bennett had lied to his bosses and sent his adopted daughter, Claire the cheerleader, away.

Peregrym is grateful that Candice isn’t a shapeshifter like the X-Men’s Mystique. “I’m very glad I don’t have to be called in at 2 a.m. just so my half-nude body can be painted blue for a shoot that begins at 10 p.m.” She adds dryly, “That’s not uncomfortable at all!” In her last role, Peregrym portrayed a troubled teen and gymnast in the feature film, Stick It opposite Jeff Bridges. She’s also appeared in Smallville, Jake 2.0, and Black Sash.

As the first season of Heroes winds down, Peregrym shares that Candice will work with Micah Sanders (Noah Grey-Cabey). Candice’s employer, the shady organization that disguises itself as a Texas paper factory, needs the youngster’s ability for an undisclosed task. It’s up to Candice to deliver.

So is she good or bad? Taking a child away from his parents suggests the latter. “I think there’s a deeper agenda for Candice,” Peregrym says, explaining that she doesn’t yet know her character’s back story. She has been told, unofficially, however, that she’ll be returning for Heroes’ second season. She’s thrilled.

“I love my [Candice’s] power. I like that I’m responsible for confusing everybody.”

EW Covers… by Damien
May 3, 2007, 6:38 pm
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I have been told by a source that each cover this week of EW is a clue towards the finale so whats better then someone actually putting all the covers together so its one biiiiiiiiig picture…

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Also thanks to Heroes 360 for these amazing quality of 2 of the covers!!!



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Bomb Squad… by Damien
May 3, 2007, 3:40 pm
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Thanks to EW for this amazing post!!!…

Here it is, folks — the battle royal we’ve been waiting for. In one corner: Hiro Nakamura, the time-stopping, samurai-sword-wielding comic-book nerd from Tokyo. In the other: Sylar, the watchmaker-turned-mutant serial killer destined to become the shape-shifting tyrant president of a genocidal dystopian America. It’s a titanic collision of good versus evil, hero versus villain, and, yes, geek versus geek, and it’s about to get under way on a Los Angeles soundstage…right after Sylar’s mommy gets done stabbing her son to death. Just another day in the land of Heroes, NBC’s cult-pop smash about an imperiled planet bursting at the genetic seams with superpowered peeps. Here, inside an ersatz New York apartment, work is proceeding on the three-part season finale, which begins airing on May 7. Looking more Beaver Cleaver than Hannibal Lecter with his severely parted hair and homely sweater, Zachary Quinto is rehearsing a scene in which Sylar confesses to his mother (Ellen Greene) that he has a nasty habit of murdering others of his freaky new ilk. (He spares her the part where he might be eating their brains, too.) Naturally, Mom is disappointed, so she grabs a knife and tries to gut him. The actors struggle — then they freeze. The physical universe has ground to a halt. It’s Hiro time.

Slipping into the scene, Masi Oka withdraws his sword from its sheath and prepares to bring it down on Quinto’s head. Does the noble hero have the stones to decapitate a defenseless, time-paused soul, even one as nasty as Sylar? ”I’m sorry,” says Oka. Then, breaking character: ”Don’t worry. It’s not sharp.” Quinto, steely brown eyes unflinching, doesn’t laugh. His response: ”Bring it.”

As for what happens next — well, Sylar advises us not to reveal. And since this reporter likes his brain where it is, he’ll comply. But it’s intense. In fact, judging from the three days (covering all three episodes) that EW spent on the Heroes set, it is safe to say that the whole season-ending sweep blazes with intensity — an appropriately urgent pitch to a marvelously madcap season that has seen the series nudge aside Lost and 24 as the standard for serialized storytelling. Here’s Hayden Panettiere, waving away offers of a stunt double as she runs and vaults through a fake window — the front end of a stunt that will send her indestructible cheerleader Claire out of a skyscraper and leave her splattered on the sidewalk. Here are Ali Larter (the schizoid superwoman Niki/Jessica) and Leonard Roberts (the walk-through-walls ex-con D.L.) flooded with emotion over being repeatedly manipulated by an underworld puppet master, Mr. Linderman (Malcolm McDowell). And here’s the behind-the-scenes ringleader of this fantastic flying circus, Heroes creator Tim Kring, sauntering onto the set just minutes after writing the final sentence of the season’s final episode, in which the show’s sprawling, far-flung cast of next-gen X-Men will finally come together Super Friends-style in an attempt to save New York from being torched by a human A-bomb. ”The fifth act is ridiculous,” chuckles the 49-year-old Kring. ”It’s like a $90 million movie. It’s just…big.”

Yep: Stakes are high. And not just in the budget-busting kind of way, either. The finale — right down to its eye-popping last scene — sets the stage for a second season designed to expand the show’s creative horizons and commercial potential even further. The cast of Heroes will proudly tell you that they feel like they’re riding a wave of change that is transforming television. Unfortunately for some, that wave is about to crash. There’s a wall in Heroes HQ dotted with photos of dead characters (Isaac, Simone, Eden…) under a banner that reads ”In loving memory.” Expect a face or two to be added soon. ”I thought I was signing up for a show called Heroes,” says Adrian Pasdar, whose morally shaky politico Nathan Petrelli will make a choice in the finale that will affect the destinies of every character on the show. ”I didn’t know I was going to wind up on Survivor.”

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