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Nathan Gonna Die?… by Damien
May 1, 2007, 3:27 am
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The Latest Watch with Kristin is very interesting indeed….

Phil in Toronto: Heroes! I need more info on Heroes!
Tonight is the alternate-universe episode, in which we see how everything could go horribly wrong if our team doesn’t save the world in time. Greg Grunberg tells me the ep (in which we learn he’s the Homeland Security Director of the future!) is “really scary” and we see his son has powers of his own. Clearly, there is a big ol’ genetic link between the Heroes and their parents. I can’t wait for the retro ep telling us how all the parents got their powers, which is surely coming.

Anna: What do you know about the second-season storyline for the Petrelli brothers (Nathan and Peter)? I really like both of them, and I hope they’ll stay around.
Nathan’s fate and future is in question come season’s end. I asked Rena Sofer (Heidi Petrelli) if she’d be back, and she nodded in the direction of her onscreen hubby and said, “If he’s back, I’ll be back.” And when I asked Adrian Pasdar himself if we might get a glimpse of Nathan’s two sons by Heidi in season two, he told me, “Um, what can I tell you? There’s a little bit of perhaps a separation between my ability to see them and, uh…I can’t really say too much.” (Uh, if you know what this means, you may be a Hero yourself.)

Jana in Phoenix: Give us a good spoiler on Heroes! None of this watered-down stuff!
Okay, here’s a straight-up shot that you might need to chase with a lemon: Linderman is going to heal Nathan’s wife (Rena Sofer in a wheelchair)! See, he can do good.

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