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‘Heroes’ proves skeptics wrong… by Damien
April 23, 2007, 3:25 pm
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Of the network series that have proved to be the best this past season, the most unexpected has to be NBC’s “Heroes.”

When it debuted in September, the show about ordinary folk discovering they have super powers – and getting caught up in a vast conspiracy – looked, at best, like slick popcorn entertainment: fun if a bit shallow. But it also seemed to be built on a premise, and to be dependent on a certain tone, that could fall apart at any minute.

Well, “Heroes” – which returns tonight at 9 (Chs. 8, 11) with the first of five new episodes that will wrap up Season One – has proved to be of sturdier stuff. Over its first 18 hours, it has evolved into an intense and thoroughly engrossing drama. It has developed characters you actually care about (always the sign of a well-written show) and has deftly avoided the mythology morass that often afflicts series of its genre.

Sure, it’s a bit – well, maybe more than a bit – derivative. Just about every convention of the comic book world has popped up at some point throughout the season: the fear of mutants, the super-powered gone bad, time travel, the “what if” gambit, you name it.

But that’s actually proved to be OK, because the writers have embraced the comic style with intelligence and have managed to translate its energy and visual pop to the tube. Watching “Heroes” on its best weeks has been like picking up a particularly well-written and -drawn comic (something, say, like DC’s recent “Identity Crisis”).

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