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Canadian Sneek Peaks… by Damien
April 20, 2007, 8:34 pm
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Hayden and Zach Deal… by Damien
April 20, 2007, 7:35 pm
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Deal or No DealHayden Panettiere and Zach Quinto will appearing on the 100th Deal or no Deal on May 6th below is the press release

‘DEAL OR NO DEAL’ 100th EPISODE – – BROOKS LEACH IS GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE IN A LIFETIME AS HE TRIES HIS LUCK AGAIN AT BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE — In the series’ 100th episode, Howie Mandel hosts this exhilarating hit game show of chance and odds where contestants try their luck at becoming a millionaire. Tonight, fun-loving entrepreneur Brooks Leach is surprised when Howie invites him to retry his luck at becoming a millionaire, and receives a special message from rocker Ozzy Osbourne. In addition, previous contestants fill the audience and cheer him on, and the stars send special congratulatory messages, including Jay Leno (“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”), Regis Philbin, Jackie Chan, Celine Dion, and “Heroes” cast members Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto. Viewers at home can also watch and play the “Play at Home Lucky Case Game” for a chance to win $10,000.

CBR Interviews Ando… by Damien
April 20, 2007, 11:53 am
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AndoJames Kyson Lee may not be a household name yet, but as Ando in NBC’s hit TV show “Heroes,” he has instantly gained a huge fan following alongside everyone’s favorite time traveler, Hiro Nakamura. But before “Heroes” exploded on to television screens everywhere, he was finishing up an independent short film called “Akira’s HipHopShop.” “It’s a romantic comedy about a young Japanese guy who owns a record store,” Lee told CBR News. “He gets into a relationship with an African American girl. It’s a coming from two different cultures kind of thing. There is something really unique about it and I loved working with my co star.”

The film is now currently in post production, “He [Joe Doughrity, writer and director of ‘Akira’s HipHopShop’] is finishing up the short version of it. He sent me a rough cut and I really like it. I think he’s already fielding offers to make it a feature, and he wants to make it a feature, and he wants to do it soon. I think he’s shooting it within the next year.”

Just because shooting is currently wrapping up on the end of the first season of “Heroes,” that doesn’t mean Lee will get much time off. “I wrap season one in mid-April. I am going to New York to do a cameo for a film that is filming there right now and then the end of April I go to Orlando for a four day convention. Then in May I am doing a 20 th Century Fox feature called ‘Shutter’ with Joshua Jackson and Rachel Taylor. It’s a supernatural thriller we’ll be filming in Tokyo, Japan. [I am] real excited! It’s going to be my first time in Tokyo. Soon as I finish that, I have an offer for another feature film in San Diego and we’re working on a deal right now for another feature film in September, shooting in Arizona.”

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