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Will Peter Join Forces With Nathan?… by Damien
April 19, 2007, 11:38 am
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Heroes BrothersFangasm recently posted a post that pointed out that Nathan could indeed have his brother Peter join him in his political ambitions…

The lingering question since Linderman dangled the White House under Nathan’s nose is: will he join him? Face it, Nathan was willing to risk his entire future in politics by taking out Linderman in cold blood. So it would seem, at least, that there is no chance that Nathan is going to buy into Linderman’s plan of genocide. Or is there? We have exclusive information on what Nathan’s choice will be and why! Prepare for the mind blowing reality.

First of all, let me assure you that this information is grade a certified, comes from someone within the established entertainment media, and is 100% super duper true. Of course, if you’re like me it’s going to seem so obvious you’ll be saying “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

Nathan is going to at the very least play along that he is with Linderman for the simple reason that Linderman is going to heal Nathan’s wife. That’s right, it was in front of us all along. Forget the power of the White House, and Linderman’s other overtures of greatness, in the end the deal sealer is going to be the opportunity to erase the eternal reminder of Nathan’s secret shame: that his cowardly self preserving instincts lead to the paralysis of his wife.

Does this mean that in the episodes which take place five years in the future that Nathan is a ‘bad guy’? Tim Kring did promise that there would be heroes changing sides. If I had to place money, it would have been on Nathan anyways. He has the perfect personality for a super villain, the discovery of his abilities was in a moment that shattered his life, hence a complex underlying psychology that could make him easily manipulated by someone who knows how to prod a wound. At the same time, we would know that he has a latent goodness within him so his potential to come back to the light at the right moment would make good dramatic fodder for a rainy day.

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