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A Hero Returns… by Rob
April 10, 2007, 9:22 am
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Kristin recently revealed that a Hero would appear in the show back from the dead.

She also revealed a bit of scoop about Sylar, and whether Mohinder would be back on the show or not.

Click More to read the spoilers. They are spoilers though, so beware.

Kristin in Hollywood, California: Kristin, please tell me about this exclusive Heroes scoop you have!
Why, of course, Kristin. What a beautiful name. Sources tell me that Tawny Cypress, who plays Simone, is—drum roll, please—not off the show for good. Far from it! I’m told that even though she was “killed,” Simone is coming back, along with her father (Peter’s patient), in the season finale. It turns out she has abilities of her own, and as my source put it, “There are people on the positive and negative side. And Simone is on the negative side.” Gaah! Oh, and according to another source, “[Simone and her father] may have some ties to some other characters that we had no idea about before.” Double gaah! Can. Not. Wait.
Jolleen in Monterey, California: I’m so jealous that you got to hang out and interview my Heroes love, Zach(ary Quinto). Did you find out anything new about Sylar or the show that you didn’t already reveal?
Mmmm…how about the fact that episode 21 is Sylariffic? According to Heroes creator Tim Kring, “We learn about his home life and where he came from, and after that episode, your opinion of him may change.” In the meantime, I’ll be polishing my Sylar shrine.

Masha in Berlin, Germany: Is Mohinder really dead on Heroes? Is Sendhil Ramamurthy leaving the show? Mohinder’s my favorite character. Please tell me he stays!
Sweetheart, do you really think they’d allow that much hot bucket o’ manliciousness leave the show? Please!


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