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Lindermans Power… by Damien
March 30, 2007, 1:03 pm
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There has been some speculation of what exactly Lindermans power is…well Ausiello revealed a little clue to what it could be…

Question: Do you know what Linderman’s special power is on Heroes?— Dan
Ausiello: You know what show I miss, Dan? Carnivale. That Ben Hawkins was one fascinating dude. Oh, the things he could do with his mind….

Well after doing a bit of a look around I found out something about Ben Hawkins and what he could exactly do on the Carnivale show…

Ben was born with a gift, the Christ-like ability to heal. He managed to hide his abilities throughout most of his childhood and early adulthood, most likely because of his mother, who was terrified of her son’s power and proclaimed him to be ‘marked by the Beast.’

But there was a problem with that power…

While traveling with the carnival, Ben sought to learn about his past, and the origins of his strange powers. Among other things, he learned that the power came with a price; to give life, he must also take life in return. (Mostly from small animals and crops). He could raise the dead, but only by deliberately killing someone else.

So is that why Linderman wants to nuke New York?!?…so he can get his power back up and running…

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linderman’s power is healing he showed this by healing a plant

Comment by corey

no, peter was the one who almost note ALMOST nuked new york.But his brother nathan flew right above new york peter blew up nathan fell but at the last second peter saved him

Comment by corey

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