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Mii-t Our Heroes… by Damien
March 21, 2007, 4:11 pm
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Sylar and Mohinder

Now I don’t own a Nintendo Wii tho I have played one and find them totally awesome but anyway theres a feature on the Wii where you can add people like MSN or a Myspace where you create a little character and you call him a Mii…Now IGN have created some Mii’s and these are Heroes Related ones and they are awesome!!!…make sure you make the jump to see them!!!

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that’s awesome! hehe

Comment by flutieman07

OMG! Mii Hiro is so cute!

Comment by Sarah

LOVE IT nice job Razzy

Comment by Smeltn

Wow, Sylar is spot on XD

Comment by CrewWolf

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