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Your Father Never Died… by Damien
March 20, 2007, 9:59 am
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Petrelli Brothers

I was having a look at Kristins Blog over at E! and saw there was a couple of Questions that stood out more specifically on page 4…

Martha in Chula Vista, California: My wacky Heroes theory is that Mama Petrelli can see the future! That’s how she knows about Claire and hooked up with the Haitian, and how Peter got that vision of himself going boom. Your thoughts?

Who wants my thoughts when you could have Adrian Pasdar’s thoughts?! He says about Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), “She has a big part to play in my life and Peter’s life and Claire’s life…And [the question of] how [my father] died is something that gets answered in 22. It wasn’t Sylar, but it’s not what we were told. He turns out to be somebody we don’t expect.” Ahhh! Why does every little snippet about this show get me so excited? (Especially when Adrian is talking?)

What could that mean then?!?…who is Nathans/Peters father….is it a Hero we have seen or is it someone really special…like Linderman!!!…

Here is the other question…

Martina in Vincennes, Indiana: Do you know anything about this time travel business on Heroes?

I have no idea about Heroes, so I’ll let Adrian lay down—er, lay it down—for you: “There’s an episode (called ‘String Theory’) that happens five years in the future, and it’s a possible outcome of what situations now might dictate in the future. It’s not a definite, finite reality, but it’s a possibility.

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